Chris Moore - Musician, Artist


M began his music career pounding drums for the influential Detroit-based punk/hardcore band Negative Approach in 1982. Since those early days, Moore has become a muti-instrumentalist , an award winning songwriter, collaborator and teacher. Duties have ranged from off-Broadway performance and composition, to opening for the Stooges with Negative Approach, playing improvisational music in Mantic Trio, as well releasing 9 full-length records (playing guitar and singing) that showcase his unique songcraft  and his embrace of folk,rock,blues and pop. Moore will release 2 records this year , "Community Service"  and  "Harmless Blues"...stay tuned kids...


Saturday, May 13 at 5pm all ages
Petes Candy Store

brooklyn , ny

Friday, Jun 09 at 8pm
Tramontane Cafe

Utica , NY

Saturday, Jun 17 at 5pm-7pm all ages
Branded Saloon

brooklyn , ny

Saturday, Jul 08 at 5pm all ages
Petes Candy Store

brooklyn , ny

New album: Holdouts