Chris Moore - Musician, Artist

Moore's been at this awhile, starting in 1981 pounding drums for legendary Detroit hardcore/punk quartet, Negative Approach. They continue to have an influential sonic assualt to this day, documented in those insane shows and, given a recorded life by way of Touch and Go records. After the dissolution of N.A., Moore formed an "earthier" pop/rock band, Crossed Wire, they released 2 LP's, and 2 CD's and toured throughout the late 1980's into the mid 90's. During that time Moore garnered 3 consecutive songwriter of the year prizes from Detroit Monthly/Metro Times Music Awards in '93, '94 and '95.

Relocating to Brooklyn in 1997, Moore was encouraged by friends and other freaks, doing open mikes, etc., starting anew and quickly gaining some attention, solo shows followed, a couple production deals from record labels lead to a meeting with Golden Palamino' mastermind, Anton Fier. Anton produced Moore's recordings, and the two formed Gold Tooth Reserve, with Joe Quigly and Gary Langol. Hitting NYC's lower east side hard with their emotional edgy shows, the band had a strong but short life, 1999-2001.

Moore received an Abe Olman scholarship, presented by ASCAP and BMI, in 2001 and began recording a series of cd's with Detroit area producer Adam Druckman, this relationship continues to this day.
Recent activities include the new band; the Sons, who show a shared committment to the 'band' as a living, breathing entity, while also mining their own individual eclectism. Moore insists he's never played with a band this unique and talented, and probably won't again in his lifetime. Moore is now completing his 6th cd (2nd with "the Sons").

Moore and N.A. are back too(sort of), after a highly successful Touch and Go Records 25 year anniversary show in Chicago, and the UK's All Tommorows Party Festival (thurston moore requested they play) with The Stooges headlining, it was hard to pass up...

On July 7, 2007 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Moore was invited and participated in 77 BOADRUM, a once in a lifetime performance "curated" by Japan's avant rock visionaries: THE BOREDOMS, involving 77 drummers in truly raw and spiritual piece(s) of percussive sound, wildly ambitious and wildly acclaimed.

Locally (NYC, Brooklyn) you might find Moore collaborating, recording or playing live with as a multi instrumentalist for either; Michael Goodman and the Mike, an impossible to describe mix of odd tempo funk, soulful send-up's, psychedelic rock and folk/blues ditties; Curtis Eller, dark, theatrical banjo yodeler composer; Peter Galub, power pop, post punk, guitar noise; or Ro Agents, young,country/folk/blues dirges.